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Young Engineers Galileo Technic Program (Children aged 11 to 14)

Galileo Technic is Young Engineers advanced LEGO® building program that emphasises learning throughout the class. Students investigate mechanical systems from a real engineer’s point of view. The program focuses on finding solutions using teamwork in order to build complex machines. Children will explore the mechanical, mathematical and physical aspects of machinery and the logic process that goes into building them.

Classes are aligned with the Science and Numeracy elements of the national curriculum in early / mid KS3.

Galileo Technic is intended to challenge children who enjoy technical activities. Sessions are 90 minutes long and include opportunities for the children to design their own enhancements to the core model, each time applying standard mathematical and scientific concepts to improve their design. We aim to provide an alternative learning environment where young people are able to use their own creativity and confidence with LEGO® to improve their knowledge and understanding of STEM topics.

All Young Engineers LEGO® based programmes make use of our unique LEGO® bricks kits. Each lesson includes the building of a motorised model that helps consolidate the learning topic.

Program Subjects Include

  • Introduction to Physics: Children are encouraged to understand the role of Physics in our world. They gain an understanding of core principles such as energy, motion, angular momentum and much more.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Children are taught about stable and unstable structures, mechcanical co-ordination, differential gears, torque and angular velocity
  • Aerospace & Space: We introduce children to simple aerodynamics and help them understand the theory of flight and how it varies in a vacuum

Galileo Technic Values

  • Builds confidence in technical problem solving
  • Encourages team work and understanding of different skill sets
  • Creates skills for learning, life and work
  • Encourages a growth mindset where participants can see improvements week on week
  • Develops the ability to analyze engineering process
  • Expands horizons and general knowledge in physics and various natural phenomena

Themes and Models

  • Useful pneumatic tools
  • Various launchers
  • Construction equipment
  • Amusement park rides
  • Various animals
  • Marble runs